About Debra

Debra Oakland is the Founder of Living in Courage – A Spiritual Oasis For Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenges.

Over a short 4 years Debra lost her 21 year old son, her baby girl in the 8th month of pregnancy and both brothers to AIDS. A few years later her father passed away from prostate cancer. Debra began her life altering path, becoming a writer, courage advocate and joyful experiencer. She now writes, speaks and works with Universal Laws & Principles of Love that assist others to live courageously from the inside out.

Living in Courage is important to Debra because of the challenges she has lived through and overcome. Life requires a certain amount of courage on a daily basis and is a key component to developing the inner strength needed to overcome challenges and obstacles. Debra feels that by sharing experiences in and around courage, we can all make a difference in each others lives.

Debra’s story and passion to teach others how to live a life in courage, has been featured in major media outlets including online TV, radio, magazines, and best-selling books.  She is eagerly anticipating the release of her own book (a four year project) in 2015. One of her greatest goals is to guide others to connect to their true inner passion and unique essence of authenticity. “You have a voice, you have a choice. Apply both daily and you will be on the road to personal freedom.” – Debra Oakland

Debra lives in Laguna Beach California with her husband and best-friend, Cody.

This blog provides tools to live an inspired life of joy. Imagine a world where everyone supports each other in authenticity, oneness, sharing dreams, fearless and courageously moving forward towards the passion we came here to live. We all have the capacity to make choices that will change not only our lives, but the lives of others. That’s powerful, and so are we!

Here is my 2013 Interview Emerging Into the Light from Deep Loss with Louise Crooks on Blog Talk Radio

Debra Oakland and soon-to-be author, became a courage advocate lending support to those experiencing loss in their life. Whether that loss is physical, spiritual or emotional in nature, people need an advocate who understands the pain they are going through. Losing someone or something you love is a raw experience, taking you through depths of emotions you may not be familiar with.

In this interview, Debra shares her journey of deep loss, and how she came through it, being able to access joy, love and the ability to survive and live life fully again.

She’ll share the core principles that embody this journey, and how you can emerge from that despondent, dark place, back into a loving, engaged and joyful life again. You get to be the catalyst of your own journey, as you start to incorporate Debra’s teachings.

Don’t miss this show – it’s a life changer.

Debra’s Definition of Courage:

Living in courage is a big, broad subject. I see courage as the will to act from the strength and power within the heart. Courage is a quality you gain through overcoming life’s biggest challenges and something you become through experience. Living a courageous life happens when we allow the true essence of who we are to rise up and shine for all the world to see – regardless of other people’s opinions. Courageous individuals who are true to themselves feel a powerful resolve that’s unshakable, a true conviction of purpose, a willingness to carry on in the face of any challenge.

Standing in the power of purpose is a pure point of courage, available to everyone who cares to utilize it in their life, bringing forward the power that’s alive within. If that power has been diminished greatly, when awakened, it can shatter the fear of moving forward toward an intention or goal.

Greatness arises from mediocrity. Lives are altered as awareness shifts to possibility and progress. The union of courage and honor is a great gift within the heart of every human soul.

Debra’s List of Awesome Activities:

My forthcoming book will be released in 2015. The editing and cover are almost complete, working on endorsements and all the many details of publishing. Getting there!

2015 Activities

Debra is a co-author in Book Two of the Unwavering Strength book series to be released in the February 2015.

2014 Activities

Debra’s Interviewed on the Jess + Scott + You Show December 9, 2014. Click here for Intro video & Interview Video.

Interview on the Lucid Living Show with George Green November 6th 2014.

Debra’s Unwavering Strength Radio Interview with Anya Sophia Mann August 2014. Debra, a co-author from Book Two – Unwavering Strength (released in Feb 2015), has stepped in to give us a sneak preview of the second book in the powerful Unwavering Strength book series. Listen as she shares with Anya her intimate behind the scenes story of courage to confidence.

Debra was invited by Nora Whalen & Jessica Dewell of Infusion Principle to be the opening speaker for the 4 Day “You’ve Got This” Online Summit. Here is a short You Tube Video of Debra talking about courage as it relates to business. A special thank you to Scott Scowcroft for the video.

Debra has been invited to be an Unwavering Strength Ambassador.  Judy O’Beirn’s “Unwavering Strength” book (released Sept 30, 2014) includes 32 co-authors, each telling their stories of courage & strength. Debra’s entire story will be included in the January 2015 release of the second book in the Unwavering Strength series.

Debra’s courage story is included in the April 2014 release of the Hay House Book Percolate – Let Your Best Self Filter Through by Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino including “Coffee Breaks” with Dr. Katie Eastman.

March 29th 2014 Power Your Life Radio Show with Dr. JoAnneWhite - Do You Have the Courage to Face Your Challenges?

I was honored to be a speaker in February 2014 (Click here to hear Debra Free Replay) for the What’s Percolating Teleconference – Hosts Gary Kobat, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and their special guests brought over 20 hours of relevant and enlightening conversations from today’s foremost Longevity Experts, Spiritual Psychologists, Olympic and Professional Athletes, Best-Selling Authors, Feature-Film & TV Stars, Event Planners, and other leading Health & Well-Being Experts.

January 30th Blog Talk Radio Interview – Loving & Lasting with Ande Lyons – Best Secret Ingredients for a Loving and Lasting Relationship

January 8th 2014 Blog Talk Radio Interview – Live Your Music with Margaux Joy DeNador

Contributing writer in the new book  Watch Her Thrive by Kimberly Riggins & 82 Powerful Change Initiators. Stories of Hope, Courage & Strength – released in November 2013. Debra’s wrote “Live In Courage and Thrive.”

2013 Activities

Blog Talk Radio Interview (2013) with Louise Crooks from The Business Springboard - over 7,000 listeners to date.

Featuring You (Interview on November 3, 2013) by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino (Hay House Author) CEO & Founder of Best Ever You Network – Living in Courage with Debra Oakland

Aspire Magazine April issue 2013 – Self-Care for a Woman’s Soul (Cover – Kristie Carlson) for Linda Joy. Sneak Peak Aspire Magazine.  Debra’s article (Page 40) “Seven Keys to Living in Courage.”

Debra writes articles for Best Ever You Magazine and is part of the Best Ever You Community.

2012 Activities

One of 47 speakers, experts and celebrities including Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith at Motivation Marathon January 2012 – Purchase Debra’s Interview hereMotivation Marathon was led by Deb Scott and Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino.

Laguna Beach News – Debra Oakland and Motivation Marathon

April 2012 issue (Cover – Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith) of the Best Ever YOU Print and On-line Magazine. Debra’s article “Living in Courage Daily.”

June 2012 issue (Cover – Tosca Reno) of the Best Ever YOU Print and On-line Magazine. Debra’s article “How to Live in Courage.”

Dec 2012  issue (Cover – Frank Stallone) of the Best Ever YOU Print and On-line Magazine. Debra’s article “Fill Your World With Sunshine.”


Book project of the heart began

2010 Activities

AbFab Women Articles – 2010 (Archived Articles ) for AbFab Women

Cabana Talk Author Interview – You Tube – Lux Hotel in LA by Deborah Koeppel of Absolutely Fabulous for Cabana Talk  in July 2010 – Article and photo.

Write On You Tube interview in Los Angeles by Debra Eckerling – July 2010

2009 Activities

Contributing writer for group eBook – Guide to Home Based Business.  Debra’s article “How to Be Balanced & Why Courage Is Key” in Chapter 10 published in 2009.

Created a monthly Living in Courage Newsletter in 2009 to send out to subscribers the first of every month.

Debra’s eBook written in December 2009. Living in Courage by Debra Oakland – Endorsed by David Riklin, the Founder of www.SelfGrowth.com – The #1 Self Improvement Website on the Internet. “Debra Oakland has clearly written Living in Courage from the heart. This is a book that guides people to summon the courage to face life’s biggest challenges. You will find wonderful nuggets that you can apply to your life now.” – David Riklin